Step 1: Create an app draft.

At the navigation dashboard, click "Manage app" and then choose "Add New App". Title & theme are required.

Step 2: Check out set-up checklist & video guide on your Dashboard.

Our dashboard provides the following information to help you on board:

  1. A setup checklist that displays the necessary steps to set up & publish the app from end to end. Click on the number of each step to start taking the step.

  2. A video to guide you through the whole process.

  3. Information to help you catch up with your latest session:

    • Currently edited app: Reporting the latest app draft you have just created or edited.

    • Current progress: Reporting progress of your app setup, which is based on your currently edited app.

Step 3: Start setting up your app.

Follow our setup checklist and start working on the mobile app of your dream!

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